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3 Sided Catio / Cat Lean to Play Pen 9ft long x 6ft wide

Product Code: 4MP0023
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Free Delivery on all orders
UK Mainland Destinations Only

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We offer a installation service for all of our animals runs at the time of delivery. The item will be delivered and put up by our own driver.

The fitting prices are listed on the product itself and have to be added on the drop down provided.

The price is determine by what zone you live in. Please see below our zoning list to find out which zone your address applies to:

Zone 1: PE, CB, NR, IP

Zone 2: NN, MK, SG, CM, CO, NG, LN, LE, EN

Zone 3: HU, DN, S, DE, CV, OX, HP, SL, ME, SS

Zone 4: YO, LS, WF, HX, RD, OL, M, SK, ST, DY, CW, TF, WS, WV, B, GL, SN, RG, GU, RH, TN, CT, KT, RM, DA, WD, CR, IG.

Zone 5: PO (Mainland), BN, SO, BH, SP, CA, WN.

Zone 6: N, HA, NW, WC, EC, BR, SE, SW, W, UB, TW.


If you wish to purchase a run and have this fitted you would need to send us a photo of the area where this is going to make sure this is something we can offer.

There must be easy access for the driver to carry the panels to the space and a flat and level surface with no obstructions for us to fit this.

For our 3 sided runs things such as drain and PVC pipes on the wall we would need to see a photo first to make sure this is something we can offer.

We would also need plenty of space between the top of the window / door and any obstruction above such as soffits or guttering to fit a roof on a 3 sided run.

This is a 3 sided run created with 7 side panels, 1 door panel, 1 waterproof roof panel and 2 mesh roof panels. 
The external measurements for this run are:
282cm deep (2 sides)
197cm wide (1 side) 
225cm tall (height without roof)
230cm tall (height with mesh roof
243cm tall (height with waterproof roof)
These sizes are not exact, all products are handmade so must allow for slight human variance.

This run is made using strong 16G wire mesh this is fox / dog proof and safe to use with cats.
Each run comes with the option to change the hole size. 
16G wire comes in 1/2" x 1/2",      1/2" x 1",     1" x 1"     and 2" x 2".
The best hole size depends on what you are using the run for 16G 1" or 2" would be the most popular for cats or dogs, to keep our rats you would need a 16G 1/2" x 1/2" etc.
 If you would like some guidance on what mesh would suit you best send us an email and a member of the team can advise. 

16G panels have 45mm (approx) timber. 
All our timber is pressure treated and our standard timber is coated with an animal friendly stain. You can also opt to have either a light timber which is best for if you wanted to paint / stain the run yourself once it arrives or for us to paint this for you during production. The unstained timber being a natural light colour this will take paint/stain much easier without the need for undercoat. Our timber has a long life span and is well suited for being outside but we do recommend for customers to retreat timber yearly if possible to help keep the weather from having an affect for as long as possible. 

Panels come with a vertical centre support on this run so any shelves / accessories can be added easily. 

This run has the option to add extras including shelves and ladders as enrichment for cats and similar pets. 
A large shelves pack comes with 13 shelves, 2 corner shelves and 2 ladders. 
A small shelves pack comes with 7 shelves, 2 corner shelves and 1 ladder. 
You can also add rope bridges and sleeping crates on the drop downs provided.
If you select do not add on the relevant box the run will not include any of these extra.
Rope bridges and sleeping boxes will be made to fit this run. 
Shelves will come with brackets and screws even if the fixing pack isn't added.

The specialist design roof mean that this run is fully enclosed stopping anything from getting in or out of the run from the top and 1 panel being covered with a plastic sheeting gives protection from rain also.
You have the option to add a clear or a black waterproof roof for this one section, the remaining two panels will be wire mesh only.
If these are added the waterproof roof panels are made by mounting corrigated plastic sheets to our wire mesh roof panels.
These come in either black onduline or clear PVC plastic, please select which colour you would prefer. 
The clear lets in light whereas the black creates shade. 
The roofing sheets are mounted on a slope to allow the water to run off the top.
If you would like a mesh roof only please contact us.

The panels do not come with any fixings unless one of our fixing packs are added. The appropriate size pack needed for this specific run in the small fixing pack. 
This comes with 50 3" screws, a packet of 15" cable ties and 4 18" wooden 45mm pegs. (See photo for whats supplied)
The colour of the wooden pegs may be brown or natural depending on the stock we have at the time.
If you do not opt to add this you will need to purchase your own fixings. The panels could be screwed, bolted, hinged, bracketed, cable tied etc.


You can also add fox guarding to this run if you were placing this on grass. The fox guarding is 10" strips of 2" 16G mesh that are designed to sit along the floor along the outer edge of our run and are pegged down. This makes is very difficult for any animals such as foxes being able to dig into the run from the outside to help keep your pets safe. Please see our photos for reference of this or see the product on our animal run accessories page for a more in-depth description.

If you would like this run quoting in a different size please contact us for a quote on info@4wire.co.uk.

If you have purchased this run an would like an instruction sheet please email in and we can send one on the return.

Although this product states that it is in stock all our panels are made to order as we do not have space to store these. Depending on how busy we are the lead time can be up to 6 weeks for production. Please see the banner at the top of the website or contact us for our current lead times. 
Please see the above delivery tab for more information including free delivery exclusions.

Depending on your location we can offer a fitting service for this run. Please see the above fitting tab for more information on this. 

Please take time to read through the FAQ tab we have create for our frequently asked questions to help clear up any misconstrue or common misconceptions with our service and products. If you have any other questions please contact a member of our team for help. 

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