6ft x 6ft Run 1 Boarded Side Black Waterproof Roof 16G

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This run is approximately 6ft wide (188cm) x 6ft long (197cm) x 6ft tall (201cm).

It consists of:

5 wire mesh panels

2 fully boarded panels

1 wire mesh door panel

2 Black onduline waterproof roof panels


Galvanised Wire mesh 16g 1” x 1” holes.

This wire mesh is fox / dog proof and  cat safe.

This means cats wont cut their paws on the wire.

Our black waterproof roof will fit together to keep your animals shaded and dry from above.

This is made using 2” x 2” timber.

 All our wood is pressure treated and then coated in an animal friendly stain.

Pens can be used for all animals such as dogs, cats, chickens etc.

All our runs come with a pack of wooden pegs to anchor the run to the ground.

This makes the pens stronger and more resistant to harsh weather.

If you would like something similar but need it altering please contact us for a quote.

Panels come flat packed and are easy to fit together.

Please email in for an instruction sheet or contact us with assistance on how to put this together.


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