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Cat Run Accessories

Cats are natural climbers why not enhance your Cats experience in their Catios with some accessories.

Providing them with climbing structures can be a great way to help them stay active and entertained. From simple shelves to rope bridges, there are many different options available to meet the needs of your feline friend.

All accessories are made using Cat Safe Materials so they can play & explore without you having to worry. 

These lovely new rope bridges are again another brilliant way to keep your cat entertained. These are approximately 1 meter long. Made using thick black rope and treated wood. These can be positioned in anyway to best suit your cat. These can be doubled up to make longer bridges ..
These sturdy cat ladders and a perfect vantage point for any cat. We use them in our luxury cat box for entrance but they can also be added to our shelves packs for lots of play. These are 3ft tall, sanded and stained with animal friendly stain for a safe long life. You could use this anywhere, ..
Our all new fox / dog proof skirting is designed to sit on the floor around your run to reduce the risk of predators such as dogs and foxes to dig into your run. These skirts are 10" wide and are large enough to fit around your selected run. These are made form 16G 2" wire mesh. These come wit..
This very popular large shelves pack  is a feature in many catio's.This ultimate play pack consists of·       12 shelves,·       1 Sleeping Crate·       2 Ladders·       ..
Our small shelves pack is a perfect fit for those  smaller catio's. Consisting of ·       5 shelves ·       1 ladderThis will fit in any smaller Catio with ease.Shelves are approx. 66cm long x 15cm deep.Ladders are 90cm long ..
This medium shelves pack is a great fit for all catios. Consisting of ·       9 Shelves ·       1 Ladder·       1 Rope BridgeShelves are approx 66cm long x 15cm deep.Ladders are 90cm long x 15cm deep.Rope Bridg..
Wooden Pegs / Stakes 15 pack 450mm (18") Long x 38mm Wide x 25mm ThickTantalised and pressure-treated timber for a longer life Ideal for fixing our runs into the earth. *Spiked for easy installation in ground...
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Wooden Pegs / Stakes 15 pack 450mm (18") Long x 50mm Wide x 50mm Thick Tantalised and pressure-treated timber for a longer life Ideal for fixing our runs into the earth.  *Spiked for easy installation in ground...
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Freestanding sleeping box Freestanding sleeping box
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Freestanding sleeping box with ladder 60cm x 60cm x 60cm150cm overallThis cosy sleeping area is the perfect retreat from the hot or horrible weather. There is the option to add insulation to this sleeping box.If you have selected this the box will come completely insulated on all sides..
Ladders are approx. 129cm long x 15cm deep.These are standard sizes to fit any of our enclosures & all treated in Animal Friendly Treatment for outdoor use. ..
Handmade rustic sleeping crate. Our popular wooden crate that can be placed anywhere within a catio to give your pet a nice little snug area to curl up and have a well-deserved nap.Sleeping Crates are approx. 53cm x 34cm deep...
Corner Shelf  Now made in 2 pieces as we use a much thicker more outdoors wood...
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