Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

- Do the panels come with the mesh already attached. 
- Yes! Our panels come fully assembled with the timbers screwed together to make the frame and the wire mesh is fixed to the framing with stainless steel staple using an air stapler for a long rust free life.

- Will my 3 sided catio come with fixings to fix to wall?
- We don't supply wall fixing for our 3 sided runs as depending on what kind of wall / structure you are fitting to you would need different fixings. The most common way to fix these is with a screw and raw plug into the wall. We would recommend fixing into the mortar so you aren't damaging any bricks. If you're not confident doing this we can provide a fitting service to some areas. Please see our fitting tabs for more information on this.

- How can i fix my panels together?
- We offer an optional fitting pack with our runs that come with screw, cable ties and wooden pegs to fix your panels together and to stake them down into the ground for support. However if you didn't want one of our fitting packs there are many other ways to fix your panels together. These can be screwed, bolted, cable tied, bracketed, hinged etc. What you want to use the run for would determine what fixing is best to use.

- Metric and imperial mesurements on the website?
-This is a very important factor! When buying anything from our website the sizes in FT are only a ball park figure to give you an idea on sizing. For the most     accurate sizing you would need to follow the metric measurements provided in CM. These are always listed in the description to break down the sizes you need to know. The runs are made to the CM sizes!

- Does this arrive already assembled?
- Our runs don't come already assembled but with panels for you to fix together.

- Do the runs come with instructions?
- If you would like an instruction sheet for the run please email into us with the product code of the run you are purchasing and we can forward over an instruction sheet.

- What does "g" mean? 16G vs 19G
- The "G" referred to in all our listings is the guage of the wire, also know as the thickness of the wire. Our 19G panels come with 1mm thick wire mesh. This mesh is only suitable for small animals such as birds or rabbits and is NOT safe to use for cats. The 19G panels will not protect animals from predators but are ideal for containing small pets. The 19G wire also isn't suitable for dogs or puppies. The 16G wire is 1.6mm thick. This wire is the stronger of the two and is fox proof, dog proof and safe to use for cats. If you are trying to protect your pets from predators you will need the 16G wire.

- Is the wood treated? Is stain and treatment the same thing?
- All the timber in our runs is pressure treated, we buy this in tanlized by saw mill in wales. This means the wood is fully protected against the elements. Pressure treatment has no colour so if some parts of your panels are slightly lighter we assure you these are still treated, it's only discolouration of the wood stain. If you have selected on brown wood stain we have wood that is pressure treated and then coated in an animal friendly brown stain for double protection. The wood stain is non-toxic for animals and will help prevent the wood rotting. We do recommend all customer restain there framing once a year if possible to help protect from the elements for as long as possible. The better care you take with the wood the longer this will last. 
If you have opted for the clear stain this has the same process but hasn't been stained brown. This is ideal is you like the lighter colour or if you wanted to    paint/stain the panels yourself. 
Lastly if you have purchased painted panels these are the same treatment process but are then hand painted by our team for a nice colourful finish.

- How are these delivered?
- When at all possible we try our best to deliver our runs ourselves, when this isn't possible depending on what you have brought the runs will be shipped via courier in parcels or via pallet. If we can deliver to you ourselves at the beggining of the week we create the weeks routes. We then let all the customer know roughly what day their run will be coming. If this is shipped by courier we will email you when the order is shipped and this should be delivered within 5 working days, the same as a normal courier parcel delivery. If this has been shipped on pallet, we email you once this has left us and we ask for the pallet company to arrange delivery to you beforehand. Pallet deliveries are curb side meaning they will just drop the pallet on your drive. They will not unload and move the panels. If this is a problem for you please let us know on your delivery notes at the time of purchase and we'll do what we can to accommodate. 

- Does in stock mean ready to ship?
- A animal run on our website has to be listed as "in stock" for you to be able to purchase this. It doesn't however mean the product is made ready to ship. Absolutely all products are made to order unless a member of our team has told you otherwise. 

- Current lead times?
- All our runs are made to order, we do not have the facilities to store lots of these items made up so we do have a leadtime for making orders. During our quiet periods our production lead time is around 2 weeks. During our busy period however lead times for production can be up to 6 weeks. We are typically busy with orders between March - October but lead times should be advertised at the website at the time. If you are not sure of the current lead time contact us and we can give you current timings.

- Can i have express shipping on animal runs?
- Our £9.55 express delivery does NOT apply to our animals runs so please don't pruchase this with a run as this will not speed up the production. If you need a faster delivery please contact us before purchase and we will advise if this is possible. Sometimes we are so busy we cannot take on urgent orders but we will make you aware of this.

- What is your urgent delivery option?
- Our urgent delivery option is something we have been working on for a while now. We now are able to start offering an urgent delivery option on our animal runs. This is an extra fee which will get your enclosure turned round within a week. The extra money paid is what it costs to have a few team member come in as over time to make your run for you outside our usual working hours. We can only take on some many of these in a period of time so we recommend contacting us before hand.

- How do i get a custom quote?
- For a custom quote we ask for you to email us in at [email protected] and include what style and size run your looking for, your delivery postcode and if it's a lean too run we quite often ask to see a photo of the space too to make sure what you're buying from us will fit. 

- Does this run come with the shelves in the photo?
- Most of our runs come with the options to add any extras such as shelves, hammocks etc. Even if these are pictured in the photo if you opt not to add these they are not included. 

- Does a 3 sided run need to be fixed to the wall / base?
- Some of our 3 sided runs the roof panels have to be fixed to the wall to hold the roof up however some are self supporting. We would always recommend screwing to the wall as this is the most sturdy/safe way to fit these run but if the roof panels needs supporting (this will be listed on the advert) then this is a must. Fixing to the base we can provide pegs in our fixing packs for you to fix to grass or if you were fitting to a solid base you could screw/bolt the runs down if you wanted but this is a preference.

- Is the wood plained?
- We use what is known as a 2" x 2" C16 timber which is a natural product straight from a saw mill in wales. This is a natural product and so it is NOT perfect. Timber comes with small knots, markes etc. This is the nature of wooden products. Our wood is not plained and we do not advertise it as this. If you were looking for a perfect finish you would be better suited to a metal framing. 

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