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One of the best features of our animal runs is just how easy they can be to put up and down. Here in the UK our winters are often accompanied by horrific weather such as snow, excessive rain, high win..
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All of our runs can be split down into two categories - 19G Pens and 16G pens. This refers to what wire mesh the run is made up of and therefore which animal they're suitable to house and/or deter.Sta..
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This instruction guide is to help you put together one of our 3 sided Catios whether it be a standard size from our website or a custom job. Just a reminder that we do offer a fitting service where..
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Our bespoke Catios have been a growing sensation since we started creating them in 2016. We understand that no two homes are the same and you always want to make the most of the space you have, this i..
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We find the biggest question we are asked is “ how do I know what size Catio will fit my house?”This is why we have created this simple guide to show you how to accurately measure your home to make su..
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