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Standard Size Runs

Our smaller size pet runs can be made to almost any size.

We have either our standard or fox proof wire options.

These runs are specially made to fit in them smaller gardens.

We also offer a bespoke service to which to can have a run made to your specification.

Please be aware that although our products state they are "in stock" all products are made to order.

This means there is up to a 3 week production time on all of our runs.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

This is a 4 sided run created with 3 side panels, 1 door panel and 2 mesh roof panels.  The external measurements for this run are: 184cm wide  193cm long 94cm tall (side panels)  99cm tall (height including roof panels) These sizes are not exact, all products are handmade so must al..
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Our 13 aviaryExternal sizes are:Length - 187cm ApproxWidth - 132cm ApproxHeight (without roof) - 93cm ApproxHeight (with roof) - 98cm ApproxThese sizes are not exact as items are hand made.10 side panels are approx 62cm x 93cm each.3 Mesh roof panels that are approx 132cm x 62cm each.13 Panels in to..
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